stronger-faster-better-b2We’ve been building great websites for twelve years, and for six of those years we have specialized in building and maintaining stronger, faster, and better WordPress websites.

Formerly known as Crunchy Data, Savage Sites™ is our new brand name for creating awesome WordPress websites.

We are located in the East San Francisco Bay Area, in the city of Dublin, California. We serve clients locally, and throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

What makes our sites so competitive?

First, we carefully plan each site in advance to ensure that we are meeting your needs and specifications. The structure of your website includes categories, posts, and pages that should relate logically to each other for your site to work well for years to come. You can always redesign the look and feel of your site later when styles change, but the structure of your site will help determine how long your site will meet your objectives.

Secondly, the same day that we install WordPress on your server, we install and configure advanced security features to help keep your site safe from hackers. We never launch a website before it’s well-secured.

Finally, we listen to you. We strive to build a website that will meet your goals, your timeline, and your budget. And we guarantee our work. Our systematic approach allows us to build relatively quickly, helping to reduce your costs, and we use quality, existing apps for your site whenever possible so that you aren’t paying for us to reinvent the wheel when your site needs advanced functionality.

How can we build better AND more affordable websites?

You pay only for services you use. Our proprietary model means that unless you need additional services such as these, you won’t be charged for them. And if you do need these services, you only pay for those you choose:

1. Additional rounds of changes: It’s okay if you change your mind a lot, but you shouldn’t have to pay for extra sets of changes if you don’t use them.

2. Extended payment terms: Paying in advance and having your site built directly on your server instead of being built on ours and then moved, reduces your costs by a few hundred dollars. We accept PayPal and PayPal credit, which means you can pay with any major credit card, and our work is guaranteed.

3. Extended time frames for approving designs and sending content are another benefit to paying for your project in advance: Sometimes you start a project, and then life gets in the way. We understand. Take up to three months to send your final content to us and complete your project–we’re flexible!

Savage Sites builds websites that DEVOUR the competition. So if your small business needs a stronger, faster, better website, choose a Savage Site! Call or email us today for a free, no-obligation quote, and let us answer your questions about WordPress websites. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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