I tried to do this math in my head, but I don’t do math. Much less do it in my head. That’s what Excel is for. So here is my ideal 12-month-plan for building residual income by writing web content for a site like eHow or Suite101.

This model assumes that all articles have been well-optimized for search prior to writing them, and are well-promoted, to achieve a $5 per article, per month average after being online for five months. This is a high average, but it is achievable.

The model also assumes that you write five articles per day, five days a week, for twelve months. At this rate, if your articles earn $5 each per month on average, you would earn $36,000 the first twelve months, and $76,680 the second year, and $78,000 for every subsequent year in which your articles maintain their average earnings, without any additional work on your part! That’s nearly $185,000 in three years for publishing 25 articles a week for one year. Your content could conceivably continue to draw this annual income indefinitely, under ideal circumstances.

Realistically, you need time to learn to do good keyword research and apply SEO article writing and marketing strategies to your content. Most good web content writers take 3 to 6 months to hit their stride. So obviously, your mileage may vary. But it can be done, and you can do it. Here is a sample projected residual earnings income table based on the previously stated assumptions:
[table id=3 /]

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