My niece is a personal fitness trainer in Kansas City, MO, and she doesn’t make what she is worth these days. I guess people would rather buy groceries than buy time from a fitness trainer. So learning to make money over the Internet will be a good option for her.

I have already bought a domain name for her, and we hope to launch her site up soon. So here is the plan I outlined for her in my head, pretty much in this order–if she only wanted to write. (My niece is not a writer, as she prefers being physically active to writing…I get it, Maegan, and Aunt Kim will probably end up doing this for you because she loves you so much. đŸ˜‰ )

So this is a step-by-step plan to not only build her business, but to start building a residual income for her, as well:

  1. Apply for Google AdSense, Amazon affiliate, Chitika, and Clickbank accounts for advertising residuals.
  2. Spend a few days researching the best keywords for her top 3-4 subject-matter-expert areas.
  3. Build a quick website/blog in WordPress.
  4. Because she has a physical, local business, she should add the website to Google Maps as a local business listing, and  link the listing to her related video on YouTube, adding it to as many Google business categories as are relevant.
  5. Blog at least 4X per week with search-optimized content.
  6. Add Google AdSense ads and an Amazon widget with fitness book ads to the website.
  7. Write one related, optimized article every day and publish on eHow.
  8. Write for another site like Suite 101 (for good residual income, but more labor-intensive) or Examiner (for good exposure–less money, but shorter articles).
  9. Build an SEO-optimized Squidoo Lens (a mini-website) for each main subject area. Add lots of interactivity, such as polls, contests, voting, etc. to the Squidoo Lens, an Amazon book widget.
  10. Build a similar, optimized HubPage.
  11. Publish at least one related, optimized article on Ezinearticles.

This plan promotes and increases her local business by raising its search engine placement in local search results. It also builds a residual income on content aggregator sites and through Google AdSense and other affiliate advertising, all while adding relevant backlinks to her own website, which increases her business visibility. This provides her with a nice, healthy “web” of interrelated income resources that increases her chances of maintaining an income if one dries up.

There are at least three vital aspects to the success of this plan:

  1. Starting with good keyword research and analysis up front, and applying and maintaining the focus on the resulting SEO plan,
  2. Creating links from each of the articles to her own main website, all anchored with optimized text, and
  3. Posting frequently to her blog and/or adding content frequently to her website to keep it “fresh” in the search engines’ eyes.

Now, how my niece could do all of this and still have time for her three sons and personal training biz is another matter. Good thing she has a nice auntie.

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