Why didn’t they just say so?


And since this PROMISE has presumably existed from day one of the site, that means retroactively…right?

eHow promises to pay writers for their content.

Any contract attorneys out there? FTC examiners? Is this written PROMISE not a binding contract?

And by requiring writers to join the Writer Compensation Program to get paid via PayPal, does that not also carry the promise of being paid in legal currency? Does it not imply that writers can expect the same standards of pay that they have been led to expect from the US site?

Hey, most of here would take Euros any day.

eHow, a promise is a promise, and it clearly states here that you promise to compensate writers for both your US and UK sites. PROMISE. Not suggest, not maybe, kinda, probably might. PROMISE.

A lot of writers will rest easier tonight.

But, eHow, the next time the people who make your sites successful ask you a direct question about your partnership with them, entered into in good faith and trust, could you just, you know…respond in a timely manner with a direct and truthful answer?

We know you’re good for it, and we will be watching our PayPal accounts and holding our breath like little kids waiting for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Diwali all rolled into one.

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