If you own a dental or orthodontic practice, then you should know this: websites built on commercial template platforms, such as ProSites, often use text and images from that website company that is also used by thousands of other dental and orthodontic practices.

Search engines won’t find unique content worth indexing and ranking you highly for if you use these services. And if you decide to build your own site after using a service like ProSites, you will not retain the right to use any of the images or text with which you originally created your site. It matters.

This website features:

  • A home page JavaScript slider to draw visitors’ attention. Images and text in this area can be edited or replaced within minutes.
  • Custom icons and browser favicon (the little image in your browser’s tab for the page)
  • Two navigation bars to better separate content types
  • Custom graphic design
  • Custom contact forms
  • Original content that was researched, optimized, and custom-written and edited by the Savage Sites team

Your dental or orthodontic practice deserves the best showcase website available, and your content must be unique to your site and your practice if you are to compete effectively online in this competitive field. Call or email us today to discuss how Savage Sites can help you.


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