clickbank trademark– If you are a Clickbank vendor or affiliate, then this announcement could make your life a whole lot easier.

Clickbank’s new Joint Venture program allows vendors to share a portion of their earnings with contractors, to automatically pay a copywriter a percentage of sales, for example. It also allows partners to form a variety of relationships for splitting profits, so that multiple affiliates can split sales among themselves, or vendors can share more with specified affiliates, etc.

How This Can Help You

If you develop an information product, say an ebook, and you have two co-writers, you can now set up a Joint Venture contract among the three of you to split profits equally (or unequally, depending on your agreement) when any one of you sells the product from your individual sites. You can also split the profits when an affiliate sells your product.

About three years ago, two friends and I tried to find this type of arrangement for an ebook we were writing, and we were unable to. None of the major affiliate programs offered joint venture profit sharing, and it was a difficult challenge to find a fair way to automatically divide our profits evenly.

Another win-win scenario is the ability to pay writers, editors, and other contractors who are willing to invest their time into your afilliate product in exchange for a share of your profits. You will actually set up a contract through Clickbank, and your contractor knows that they will be paid fairly. In fact, this could be quite motivational for contractors to help you promote your product!

Think about the variety of ways in which you could apply this new program to publish, promote, and protect your content. Visit Clickbank to read more about this new Joint Venture program.

Disclosure: I am a member of Clickbank, but do not currently promote or host their products, nor does Crystal, nor are we compensated by Clickbank for sharing this with you.


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