Custom HTML Craigslist ads sell your premium items faster!

When you have a house, car, boat, or other expensive item to sell, having a website or web page built to feature that item can help you gain massive exposure and sell your item fast. We will design your webpage and host your sale on our website for $250 for up to one year. This includes an HTML ad for Craigslist or similar venue so that you can place free or paid ads online–even on eBay–and link to your sale page with a slideshow. We’ll even embed your YouTube video.

Custom ad websites help show your car, jewelry, boat, or home to sell it quickly

Below is a screenshot of the web page ad for a boat that the owner wanted to gain maximum exposure for.

But first, here is an un-edited screenshot of where this ad ranks in Google for the search term: Pontoon Boat Nashville. The boat’s owner specifically wanted to limit potential buyers to the Nashville, TN area, because costs to transport the boat would add significantly to the cost of the boat:

Google results for our boat ad on website and craigslist

Custom HTML website ads help screen for qualified buyers

We added several features to this advertising page to help screen for local buyers only. The seller had taken several calls and spent hours talking to potential buyers who were not in her local area, and who were not prepared for the high cost of moving a large boat. We highlighted “local buyers only,” and used photos, a slideshow, and a video to show buyers exactly what they would be getting.

We built the slideshow from several photos, and embedded the seller’s YouTube video tour of the boat. The seller was able to easily place distinctive HTML ads on Craigslist and refer buyers to the ad on this website. She published the ad with a Google Voice phone number for added security. (Google Voice phone numbers are free, and can be easily forwarded to your cell, office, or home phone. We recommend these for anyone who needs to advertise on Craigslist or other classified advertising venues.)

Note that the ad’s page does not show the website’s navigation bar or sidebars, as the ad is  unrelated to the rest of the website’s content. The goal is to keep visitors’ attention on the details of the ad and to provide interested parties with enough information to motivate them to call the advertiser to discuss purchasing the item.

houseboat ad web page


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