An alert reader (and experienced web writer) commented today,

InfoBarrel, in my personal opinion, is a scam. They have a traffic counter so that you can see how many people look at your articles. However, that doesn’t translate into the AdSense traffic they promise. If you ask about it, they tell you that hundreds of bots are reading your articles, not people, so you don’t get the AdSense views. I’m sorry, but I have been writing content full time for years, and I have several of my own sites. I know Web traffic. You get a bot or two every few days, but hundreds a week? It’s completely ridiculous. I wouldn’t recommend InfoBarrel on a dare.”

The commenter makes some valid points. So, is InfoBarrel a scam? As you may know, InfoBarrel makes my short list of sites that I recommend writing for. They are transparent, have more quality control standards than many sites, are responsive to members’ questions and concerns, and it is fairly easy to make 90% revenue share on their site. Their standard share is 75%, and meeting a quota or contest goal is enough to increase that to 90%.

But it turns out that InfoBarrel did used to have a system that merely counted all visits to a page, and did not give writers a true picture of their traffic. However, I found that they posted on their blog in January that InfoBarrel had resolved the bots view count issue.

Being a relatively new site, InfoBarrel is still working out a couple of kinks, but the site is user-friendly, and the management is quite responsive. So when they realized that members wanted true view counts, they fixed the problem, and now when bots visit your articles on InfoBarrel, those visits are not included in view counts.

Better still, InfoBarrel has added Google Analytics for pre-approved writers. Writers become pre-approved on InfoBarrel after posting 10 well-written, spam-free articles. Not difficult at all for most experienced content writers.

So there you go! I’m happy to report that I can still recommend them. And thanks for commenting, LS. I’m sure others have had the same doubt, and it’s wise to carefully consider all aspects of sites in which you plan to invest your time and talent.

I want to know that the sites I stand behind are not going to run the old eHow bait-and-switch, that they are transparent, and communicate quickly and directly with members, and I will check out any similar questions for readers. This was not an easy answer to find, but I’m confident that InfoBarrel’s management would have responded had I asked.

And no, in my opinion, InfoBarrel is not a scam. But you can’t blame people for being gun-shy these days!,

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