With eHow members trying to find old or deleted (censored) eHow forum threads for reference and documentation of the eHow UK scam, I decided to make those that I have available here as PDFs for you to download.

Not all deleted posts have been captured, but many have. Maybe enough to surprise even eHow.

They are searchable and printable and are secured against editing to the extent that the software allows. Not exactly hackproof, but I wouldn’t want anyone accusing us of tampering with them, so I gave it my best.

I hope you find these helpful. You will most certainly find them enlightening, whether in retrospect or with fresh eyes.

Funny how perspective changes over time for us humans.

These are based on publicly available RSS feeds and published under the Fair Use doctrine. This is in no way commercial in nature, but is provided as a public service. The average computer user would not easily be able to create these PDFs from RSS feeds, and as a couple of friends have asked for them, I realize that more of you may have use for them as well.

Thanks to Julien Giles’ Google Print Button free plugin for Firefox, converting these feeds was made considerably easier. And there is free PDF software available at CNet.com if  you want to save/print your own threads to PDF and do not have Adobe Acrobat Pro.

The print plugin requires Google Reader, and you must have all of the posts opened in “Expanded” view and fully loaded before printing all posts in a thread at once, meaning you may need to scroll down or several minutes to reach the bottom of a long thread.

Then “print all” from the button at the bottom of your screen, and choose “PDF” as your printer (if you have installed PDF as a printer) in the dialog box. You can also print to hard copy, and the program returns a web page that you could also print or copy and paste.

Here are the first two eHow forum threads to download as PDFs. Please let me know if you have any trouble downloading them or have any questions. More will be added as time allows.

1/11/2010 eHow UK Website and WCP Participants

1/22/2010 UPDATE on eHow UK website and US member articles

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