This is the last thing I have time for today, but many of you want more information about how and why your eHow image version that link to articles that are NOT yours are ranking higher in Google image search than the version that you originally uploaded into your article.

It doesn’t seem quite right.

There’s been speculation that size matters, hence the supposed reason that an original or upsized version ranks first, and it just happens to be linked to someone else’s article–often belonging to Demand Media–instead of your own, with its thumbnail image version.

There’s been speculation that Google controls the outcome of the search, and that’s not accurate. Google follows the lead of the publisher. That’s a big part of what makes Google search relevant; if a publisher says,

“Hey, lookie here, search engine. See that H1 tag? That’s important stuff, and those bold words are something I want my readers to notice, so pay attention.”

Google notices and responds accordingly. And Google gives your pages and images the same importance that you give them. Do you link to one page from several places on your site? Google will notice, and that page will rank higher than others in your site that have fewer internal (and/or external) links.

It works the same way for images.

So I was curious. What would happen if I searched for one of my own original images that I had uploaded to an InfoBarrel article a couple of months ago?

The results were so natural, and so—what you would normally expect them to be—that I will let them speak for themselves. Below is a screenshot of my Google image search for: make a scrapbook in Photoshop. You can repeat these results for yourself.

All of the images with red arrows pointing to them are mine. Notice that the LARGER image version, which links to a set of articles that are related by keyword, (mine and other authors) is SECOND, which shoots that theory down.

This screenshot shows that my image ranks first in Google for the original article in which I posted it.

This screenshot shows that my image ranks first in Google for the original InfoBarrel article in which I posted it.

And Bohica the elephant will be back soon (I hope) to help prove my theories as well, just as soon as Google finds him. It seems the Google image bot doesn’t visit the Pink Elephant jungle nearly as often as it does Text City.

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