UPDATE: There is now a public forum for eHow refugees to meet at:  http://ajtyne.blogspot.com. The link to the forum is in the right sidebar, just below the fish graphic.

Although I do not plan to continue coverage of the current eHow / Demand Media issues, I have been contacted by several eHow members asking if I know certain other eHow members and whether I can help them contact each other.

Whether this is due to lack of confidence in eHow’s private messaging system, or avoidance of the website in general, members seem to need a way to facilitate communication outside the eHow platform.

If you are an eHow member trying to contact another member outside the system, you may post your request in comments with your email address. I will then post the UserID of the person you want to contact, and they can choose whether to respond to that request or not.

Or you can simply email me at contacts[at]crunchydata[dot]com.

All comments here are moderated. That is, they are not posted publicly unless and until I approve them. So I will not post your requests publicly unless you request that I do so. I don’t need to know who you are. You can use a temporary email address and a fictitious name, then explain when the member contact you who you are. I don’t care.

That said, here are a few members that others have asked me to try to contact on their behalf:


If you are one of these members, please contact me via email or comments, and I will tell you which member wants to speak with you.

And if you can suggest a more elegant solution for this, I’m listening. Thanks!

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