If you want to increase your residual income by working smarter instead of harder, my buddy, Chezfat (or Brian, as his wife probably refers to him), has done us all a great service by offering some strategies based on his in-depth studies of the subject, and I wanted to pass this on to you.

Some friends and I recently asked Brian to analyze SEO on a few eHow articles to find out if any particular categories seemed to be decreasing in earnings more than others. Brian likes math. I don’t. And he does a great job on his blog of analyzing article SEO factors.

Brian’s preliminary findings on the data that was sent to him leads him to conclude that on-page SEO for many older articles is a moot point. Brian has other ideas for how you can move those articles up in the search engines. He says,

The thing is however that you can only do so much on-page SEO. You can’t keep improving it; there is a point of maximum return and no amount of time or effort will make the on-page SEO any better. That’s why you should not dwell on it. Just do what you need to do and move on to more important things.”

And then he spells out the “more important things” in detail. So if you want to move some stubborn articles into the residual earnings zone, go read his Ultimate Guide to Making The Most Money With Online Writing and start kicking some residual income butt today!

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