Bulletproof Security plugin is at the very top of my must-have plugins, because any WordPress website that does not have sufficient security WILL be hacked at some point. I made the following video to show you how to install and configure the Bulletproof plugin for basic security on most WordPress websites.

As I note near the end of the video, you should always back up your database and your site files (two different processes on a WordPress site) if you are installing this–or any–plugins on an existing site. All it takes is one hiccup in your Internet connection or server at the wrong moment during installation to crash your site, so please take the time to backup regularly.

A couple of other very important points regarding this plugin are:
1. Only install it on your primary domain, if you have sub-sites on the same hosting account that are aliased to a primary domain. If you try to install Bulletproof on an aliased domain site, you’ll run into BIG trouble. Guaranteed.
2. When installing WordPress on an aliased domain, FIRST disable Bulletproof on your primary domain by switching to your default .htaccess file through the Bulletproof interface. This tip is thanks to Crystal of OzarksWeekly, who ran into this issue a few months ago.

The Bulletproof support forum is very helpful, and is linked to from a tab on your plugin. Or if you have any questions or comments about the instructions in my video, please feel free to leave a comment or email me.

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