Have you visited your own website on an iPhone, iPad, or on any cell phone or mobile device lately? As many as half of all your website visitors will look at your site on a phone, iPad, or other small screen this year. If your website is not “responsive” (mobile friendly), you may lose those visitors.

Sites that do not adapt to a variety of screen sizes and devices don’t work in today’s fast-paced, mobile world. iPhones and iPads will not display Flash, and a large percentage of your market will leave your website and visit your competitor if they cannot see your site on their mobile device.

We suggest that you take the time to open your site using a variety of mobile devices. What you see–or don’t see–may surprise you. It may also surprise you to know that you don’t need two websites; one for standard desktop of laptop monitors, and a mobile site. We can rebuild your existing site to make it mobile friendly using your existing content, as well as upgrading its appearance, increasing loading speed, improving search engine visibility, and improving website security.

Take a few minutes to call or email us today. We’re not salespeople. We’re friendly and informative. We’ll look at your website and listen to your needs and concerns and advise you honestly what your best course of action is within your budget.

In fewer than four weeks, you could have a new, more effective website that attracts new clients and customers–instead of shutting them out.

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