I’m getting more email than I can keep up with, mostly from people who are very concerned and even angry about the confusion, shall we say politely, at eHow.


Some people have varying degrees of concern, and varying theories of what is causing all of this…confusion…on eHow.

So I will offer The Content Writer as a venue for those viewpoints that don’t necessarily match my own, as long as they are conveyed reasonably and from the writer’s own experience. I believe it is more important to expose all of the relevant and available information for all to evaluate in the light of day and form their own conclusions, than to tout my own view as the only valid one.

Even though I believe it is. Fervently.

So with that, if you have an opinion based on your own experience that you can reasonably account for and state, please send me your post and I will publish it. Whether you agree with me or not.

Please, no profanity or hate speech or allegations against anyone that you cannot substantiate to a reasonable degree. I cannot publish eHow user names or anything that I suspect could harm another eHow member’s reputation unless it is a direct written quote from that person that they posted online, if then. And no ‘outing’ names behind IDs if the member keeps that confidential on eHow.

This is meant to shed light on a problematic, public business relationship that is harming people, and not to degrade any individual eHow member(s) or to just slam eHow or Demand Media without merit. Read my Comment Policy if you have any questions about what is acceptable here.

I reserve the right to limit the number of posts to maintain a balance of viewpoints without this becoming endless.

And then to publish copies of them on my UK website for an undisclosed profit that I will not confirm or deny whether I will share with you or not.

…but I do not voluntarily share money unless you do not have enough food to eat or your middle name is Princess and you once lived at the SPCA.

Does anyone?

So write soon,  be compelling, and be heard. Now’s your chance.


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