Yep, there is that. It takes several months for most content writers to begin building residual income. And finding legitimate work-at-home opportunities is harder than ever.

Consider adding a portfolio page to your blog, as I have here on “The Content Writer,” or make a quick and free blog via or so that you have an easy way to quickly show potential clients your previous work.

I use WordPress for all of my websites, but I haven’t tried the free blogging platform. I use Blogger to build my quick, free blogs.

There is a good resource for those interested in supplementing their incomes with legitimate [update: blog is now gone] online data entry jobs. This writer has created a list of links to sites for data entry jobs. Just keep in mind that you need to beware of employment scams on any website, and learn what to watch for.

Bear in mind that any potential client who asks for too much personal information or suggests that you refund an overpaid advance via wire transfer is not to be trusted. That is always a scam, no exceptions.

And do keep writing online for yourself as much as you can to build your residual income.

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