My friend, Brian, has written an informative article that will help you learn about using the right anchor text in backlinks. Remember to vary your anchor text while building your backlinks and follow Brian’s advice on keyword research.

Brian refers to another blog of his, How to Live a Longer Life, in teaching this lesson. But this blog is also worth reading, just for the wealth of information about living longer by choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Brian is also one eHow writer who excels at writing well and making money writing content online. His articles are high earners on eHow, and you would do well to subscribe to his residual income blog.

I have learned a lot from Brian. As I was recruiting a group of writers to join together to help each other increase earnings from writing web content a couple of months ago, I happened to read a forum post on eHow by Brian about his earnings.

Realizing that he was doing quite well as a new writer there, and making more per article than many veteran eHowers, I struck up a conversation with him. He was so generous with his advice that I invited him to be part of the group, and he has turned out to be quite an asset to all of us.

One of the primary goals of The Content Writer is to offer a comprehensive resource for other web content writers, and so I will tell you about blogs and websites like these to help you find a well-rounded range of information from which to learn. So check out Brian’s blog, and I’ll see you next time!

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