The Content Writer – Writing Online to Build Residual Income blog is now up and running after moving to GoDaddy.

The Content Writer is here to provide you with web content writing resources and tips and to help us all learn from each other about building monthly residual income by writing articles and other web content. Every time someone asks me a question about how to earn residual income as a web content writer, I learn as much from the answer as they do.

Writing web content means writing articles, blog posts, web copy. Anything that is published online is web content. Writing online to build residual income generally means writing for content aggregator sites like eHow, Examiner, and Suite 101, to name just a few of the top sites that pay writers over time for writing individual articles.

Writing and publishing one article on one of these sites may earn the writer nothing during the first few weeks after it is published, or it may make a few dollars. But over time, with the residual income model, a single article can earn hundreds of dollars for its writer. That is because content aggregator sites pay writers based on page views and/or ad clicks when a visitor reads their article, and some pay a portion of ad revenues when a visitor also clicks an ad on the same page as the article.

Web content writers who regularly publish on the more reputable sites, and who know how to  research and apply SEO article writing techniques earn monthly residual incomes from $2,000 on eHow, to $5,000 on Suite101, and even $8,000 on Examiner. It should be noted that Examiner’s top earner probably made a substantial portion of that income through referrals, which currently pay $50 for every qualified writer who joins Examiner.

While it is true that writers continue to earn on their articles over time, allowing them to earn while on vacation, or even when no longer writing (on eHow and Suite101), it pays to do your homework ahead of time. Know what the benefits and caveats are for each site before investing your time and energy into them so that you can invest wisely.

Believe me, it can really steal your mojo to work diligently for weeks on publishing well-researched and written articles, only to find out that the site for which you are writing is not tracking your earnings, or that it has reduced its payout model or changed its publishing guidelines and deleted several of your articles as a result.

The Content Writer will cover all of these aspects and more of how to write online to build residual income. It will also delve into how to promote your articles to maximize your residual income opportunities, including how to conduct and apply keyword research,  how to choose which site(s) to write for, how to promote your articles for maximum traffic, and more.

Please subscribe to The Content Writer in your RSS reader or by email today, and always feel free to ask questions in the comment sections. If I cannot answer your question, I will research it until I can confidently respond with the most accurate information available. After all, I’m here to learn, too!

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