This is why the Web is called the Web, and this is how the Web can work for you:

I just read a great little tip online from one of Squidoo’s highest earners, Janet21. Janet says,

Flickr is another great traffic source. Here is what I do. I upload photos of my kids birthday parties and other photos related to my lenses to Flickr. I then include a link to my lenses in the photo descriptions. …Many people visit my lenses via these links. Give it a try!”

You can apply this tip to increase traffic to any of your blogs or articles.

And while we are on the subject of Flickr, be sure to learn how to search for and legally use Flickr photos in your web content for several reasons. Flickr has guidelines on their site.

First of all, you never want to have a copyright claim against you. It can get your account on any website deleted, and it can get you knocked off of Google fast.

Secondly, the search engines love images, and so do readers. Every blog post and every article you publish should have a least one image, captioned and alt-tagged with keywords in a natural way. Not using keywords enough is preferable to keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is just what it sounds like.  Artificially cramming keywords into your content will turn your readers off, and while you may rank well for a few weeks in Google, you will eventually be blacklisted for doing this.

The third reason for using Flickr images is this: you can go back to each photo you used and leave a comment thanking the photographer or designer, and leave a link to where  you used the photo. A perfect, easy backlink that also serves to show your appreciation.

And ALWAYS link from the photo to the exact URL where you found the Creative Commons Commercial Use or Public Domain images–the only types of licensed images you should use without explicit written permission.

So getting back to, “Why it’s called the web,” the best strategy for earning residual income by writing content online is to weave the widest web you can. Write great content, link it other great content that is linked to yet more great content, and they will come.

Never miss an opportunity to cast a wider net–web, if you will–and by this time next year, you can be earning that high monthly residual income that you are building so diligently today.

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