was the first residual income article website that I joined. My experience was mixed, as there were several technical glitches on the site at the time, one of which cause my earnings to show as $0 for several weeks. I wrote about that eHow experience previously when this blog was hosted on a different server, and will re-publish those posts here as I get time.

EHow is currently experiencing more technical glitches, but I still encourage new web content writers to join eHow. Just be sure you sign up for the Writer’s Compensation Program if you want to earn money for your articles.

EHow offers one of the best residual income opportunities available online, and anyone can write for them. You can dive right in, but I suggest you spend at least a couple of days learning basic keyword research and SEO content writing techniques before you begin. Learn how to write good titles and how to apply your keyword research to your articles. Also learn how to use all of the eHow functions to maximize your income, and how to best promote your articles.

More about this in future posts, and I will create a resource section soon to help you find the best web content writing resources to maximize your online residual income opportunities.

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